Who We Are


“ Being ill is a burden, getting care should not be ”

Insta Clinix is the world leading telehealth technology.


Insta Clinix mission is to improve access to quality care and to make it more accessible, convenient, and affordable to consumers worldwide. We do so by combining mobile -web-technology and knowledge - experience best doctors to remove barriers such as time, distance, and mobility.


Yet irrespectively of where we live, mobile technology is part of our living and it time to bring healthcare to it. Insta Clinix then strengthen the collaboration between provider, patients, employers, and payers.


Insta Clinix offers a cloud-based virtual medical office softwares, services, and clinical services that strengthen the collaboration between medical professional, patients, and payers. – The entire ecosystem. Our HIPAA compliant system - connects patients with doctors via secure voice, video, and email – collect and share clinical data.


Our goal is to help consumers around the globe to live happier and healthier life’s. We are then committed to make healthcare simple, better, more accessible, and affordable to consumers worldwide because “being ill is already a burden, getting care should not be”.