Insta Clinix offers data collection capabilities to our healthcare clients enabling them to gather and measure patient information resulting in streamlined operations and improved outcomes. Our member outreach representatives are not only experts at what they do, they care about patients and improving the services we provide.

Dedicated Representatives

Year-round member service and additional member outreach support

Retention support

Outbound education outreach (multi-channel)

Survey capabilities for measurement of satisfaction and quality .

Clinical data gathering (Wellness, Five-Star, HEDIS support)

Wellness reminder support (i.e. medication adherence, annual exams)

Physician appointment setting (office and in-home)

Strategic Advantages

100% healthcare industry focus

Health Service Specialists who are specifically trained to interact with members with expertise, empathy and patience

Outstanding reliability, scalability and flexibility of healthcare contact services

Multiple locations to mitigate service disruptions caused by weather or unforeseen circumstances

Capacity scaling expertise to allow for fast response to unexpectedly large call volume

Multi-lingual services